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Metal Knobs

In the kitchen, living room or bedrooms, the placement of accessories is as important as that of furniture.

Knobline metal handles offer a wide variety of measures and shapes that change the space where they are. The metal handles can be made of zamak, with various finishes, metal handles with satin nickel finish, gloss chrome, matt chrome or satin brass.

We also offer high quality stainless steel metal handles to place them in kitchens or in more aggressive environments such as in homes located near the sea. The metal handles, we also have them in gold or silver finish, old silver polished aluminum, iron oxide, black nickel, or polished brass.

There are combined with porcelain and zamak and resin with zamak, with various drawings and colors.
The Knobline collection of metal handles is divided by family according to the decorative style sought. Classic, modern, Vintage or Industrial.


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