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Hooks & hangers

A wide range of wall hangers or decorative hangers can be found in the online store In its hangers section, seven families are divided with the following criteria:

  • Hangers and hooks, usually made of metal, are usually placed in the accesses to homes, in public places and especially in bathrooms and kitchens. They only have one hook, which in turn can be divided into three different hooks.
    Adhesive hangers, which can be of many shapes and colors. Its main function, in addition to being a decoration hanger, is that its placement does not require perforations in the wall, but that an adhesive is attached to the top of its base, which is fixed directly on the wall, supporting a weight reasonable, and easy subtraction.
    It also offers a wide collection of decorative hangers, or wall hangers, whose function is to be located in the access to homes, public bodies, schools, restaurants, … normally lift the wooden base and metal hooks.
  • A very striking and popular collection is that of baby room hangers, made entirely of lacquered wood in light blue, pink, beige and white colors. Within this collection we also find children’s coat racks, with heart shapes, tulip, flower, star, cloud, and, of course, animals. Giraffes, zebras, elephants and lions.A new collection, a little cheaper, but very original of baby room coat hangers made of ABS resin, has been removed from the decoration hangers. A multitude of colors, and drawings you can find in this section, which will combine perfectly in any baby bedroom.
    It is this section, we wanted to design a collection that reminds of the 50’s as far as design is concerned, retro hangers, encompasses a multitude of decorative hangers with very original drawings that carry their handle for the matching furniture.
    Finally, the decoration hangers that are placed above the door, or over the door. Large collection designed for any place in the house or office where it has a mobile placement, that is, they are placed above the door, they are capable of withstanding great weight, and can be easily moved from one place to another.
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