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Wooden furniture Knobs

A wide collection of handles, knobs and handles for lacquered wood, lacquered or natural wood, you can find in Knobline

We propose lacquered wooden baby knobs of the color you want in our section PAINT YOURSELF, star, moon, cloud, circle, square and ball, of DM sanded with bottom, so that the lacquer adheres perfectly and is of the desired hue for children’s chest of drawers.

Wooden knobs and handles made of natural wood, oak, beech and walnut. Spheres, mushroom shape, and handles in various ways, are very cheap knobs and handles, for any type of furniture or closet.

Wooden knobs with metal, natural beech wood handles, honey or vengué lacquer, various forms for rustic furniture.

Knobs and handles for baby’s room lacquered in white, light blue, pink and beige, with a star, moon, cloud, square circle and ball size of 40mm and 50mm.

Light blue with white polka dots, pink with white polka dots and beige with white polka dots.

Bear shape in two sizes, large and small, fuchsia orange, chocolate and pistachio balls.

Heart shape, flower and star combined with two colors.

If you are looking for original and more personalized knobs there is the collection of knobs and handles painted by hand, with a multitude of colors.

Finally, do not miss the collection of knobs and handles of stained wood with the shape of a flower, square and circle.

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