Knobline is an on-line shop selling knobs, hooks and handles for furnitur, where the user can find the searched product and buy it. All of it thanks to its searching technology and the wide offer of products in its catalogue.
knobline products, like knobs and handles for furniture, furniture legs, kids carpets, doorstops,…

Yes, orders are sent all over the world.

In Knobline Website page you can surf in many languages such as: Spanish, English and French.

Yes, VAT is included in the product sheets.
If the destination place is a UE country but not Spain and the buyer is a private individual, the order will apply VAT in force in the Spanish territory, but in the same supposition with the variation that the purchase is carried out by a company, then the order will be VAT-exempt.
If the destination place is not a  UE country the order is VAT-exempt.

The section offers a complete on-line shop with a wide range of products for kids.

Photos are high quality with the purpose to show in detail every product. Differences could be found in products where the raw material or production process may modify the final result, as for hand-made products. In order to help you create a real image of the product, the photo on the product sheet is extended as well as a plan with measures.

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In every mail you get from Knobline there is a link to immediately cancel your subscription or you can also cancel it at Cancel my Newsletter subscription.

Information is available at the following link: Privacy Policy.

Yes, You need to be registered in the section “Enter” or during your order processing.

In the section “Enter” in the Website main page you will find the option See/Modify your data . Your password/key to access, e-mail, the payment terms your company takes and other data can be modified from this link.

If you have forgotten your password you can have it back easily. You should click on the section Enter and then click on the link Have you forgotten your password?
Enter you e-mail and click on the button “Remember key”. An e-mail with your password will automatically be sent to you to the e-mail address you are registered in our Website.