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The present sales terms affect all purchases made in the www. Pomoline.com Website owned by the company  EXCLUSIVAS Y DISTRIBUCIONES KUATRO,S.L. with  VAT B54439534

When placing an order in this Website, you guarantee us that you are over 18 years old and with legal capacity to celebrate binding contracts.
Such contract links us as user and company and it is very important for you and for us as its terms have been designed in order to create a legally binding agreement between us protecting your rights as customer and our rights us company. You declare that, when placing your order, the present Terms have been read and accepted without reserve and you wish to formalise such contract.
When placing a new order this contract and Terms should be accepted as every accepted contract is only bound for one only order.
When using this Website or placing an order through it, you are giving consent to be bound by such Terms and our Privacy Policy, so if you do not agree with all Terms and  Privacy Policy no order should be placed.

The present information and details included in this Website do not constitute a sales offer but an invitation in order to do business. No contract between You and us will exist regarding any product until your order has been expressly accepted by us (even if cost had been charged on your bank account). If your offer is not accepted but charged on your bank account, such charge would be fully refunded.

All offers of products are subject to availability and in this sense, if difficulties regarding supply arise or there are no items left in stock, we reserve the right to provide you with information about same or higher quality and value replacement products. If you do not want to place an offer for such replacement products, we will refund any quantity of money you may have paid.

Except for extraordinary circumstances, we will deliver the offer for product/s included in the Delivery Confirmation before the delivery date shown in the Delivery Confirmation or if no delivery date is specified, they will be delivered within 30 days from the offer Confirmation date.
If for any reason we could not comply with the delivery date, you will be informed on such circumstance and you will be given the option to continue with your purchase agreeing a new delivery date or cancelling the offer with the total refund of the paid price.  

The risk for products will be your responsibility since the moment such products have been delivered. You will have the product ownership when we have full payment of all owed quantities, including shipping charges or at the moment of delivery if such delivery took place later. 

In conformity with the regulations in force, every purchase made through Websites with destination in the Spanish territory is subject to Added Value Tax (VAT), except for destination in the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla. In offers with destination to Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, deliveries would be VAT-exempt by application of what is stated in the article 146 of the above mentioned Directive, with no prejudice for application of corresponding taxes and duties in accordance with the regulations in force in every one of them
In this regard and in conformity with Chapter I Title V in the Directive 2006/112 of the Council, 28 November, 2006, regarding VAT common system, deliveries will be understood as placed in the member State showed in the item delivery address
If the destination place is a  UE country but not Spain and the buyer is a private individual, the order will apply VAT in force in the Spanish territory, but in the same supposition with the variation that the purchase is carried out by a company or professional worker, then the order will be VAT-exempt.  According to regulations applicable in every jurisdiction, for deliveries of goods made in certain EU member countries to an employer or professional consignee, the rule “passive subject inversion”(article 194 of the Directive 2006/112) could be applicable which would mean no VAT repercussion on EXCLUSIVAS Y DISTRIBUCIONES KUATRO,S.L. with no prejudice for the consignee obligation of self-charging accrued tax from the operation.
For orders with destination to countries that are not state members of the European Community, purchases will be VAT-exempt.  

Prices for products will be the one stipulated at every instant in our Website except for glaring error cases. Despite we try to assure that all prices shown in the webpage are right, errors can be produced. If we found out an error in the price for ordered products, we would inform you as soon as possible and you would be given the option to confirm you order again at the correct price or cancelling it.    
If we cannot get in touch with you, the order will be considered as cancelled and total  paid quantities will be refunded.
We will not be obliged to supply the product/s at the wrong lower price (even if Delivery Confirmation has been sent) if the error in the price is obvious and unequivocal and could have been reasonably acknowledged  as wrong price.
VAT is included in prices shown in the Website but shipping charges are not included, such shipping charges will be added to the total cost of the order as stated in the section DELIVERY inside the Purchasing Guide. Prices can change at any moment, but (except for what has been previously mentioned) possible changes would no affect orders regarding the ones which a Delivery Confirmation has been sent.  

If you are contracting as consumer, you will be able to decline the Contract at any instant within 30 days from the purchase date. In such case, paid price for such products will be refunded but shipping charges, pick-up and bank charges will be deducted.
Your right to decline the Contract will exclusively be applied to those products returned in the same conditions you got them. All instructions, documents and packaging should also be included. There will be no refund if the product has been used or damaged so you should be careful with the product/s while you have them.
In such cases you consider that the product does not meet the requirements stated in the Contract at reception of merchandise, you should contact us immediately via our contact form or send us an e-mail to info@pomoline.com providing the product data as well as information about damages. You could also phone us +34 966289642.
We will proceed to carefully check the returned product and you will be contacted by e-mail within a reasonable term if return or replacement of the product proceeds.
Returns or replacement of products will be carried out as soon as possible and in within 30 days from the date a mail is sent to you confirming that return or replacement of the non-compliant item proceeds.
Amounts paid for such returned products due to faults or defects, when it really exists, will be fully refunded including shipping charges incurred when delivering the item and costs you may have to return the product to us.
Returns will be made in the same credit card used to pay for the purchase. At no given time, returns of products which may have suffered improper use or cleaning with non-suitable chemical or abrasive products will be accepted