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Retro furniture knobs

  • We begin our article by introducing the new Knobline collection of wooden knobs with retro prints that remind the past. The Belle collection, reminiscent of the Paris of the 20s, with an image of a lady that symbolizes freedom, equality and fraternity. This knob can be found in decapé wood, white lacquer, honey, natural and walnut.
  • Nowadays, large antique watches are very fashionable, the collection of retro clock wooden handles offers several images of antique watches with a lot of originality and you can find them in white decape, white clock, coffee watch, clock with several colors white lacquer, etc…
  • Other curious wooden knobs are the retro Gastrobar which are reminiscent of the 1930s in the United States, stamped by Hot Dog and Dick’s Deli. The Kaleidoscope wooden doorknob collection with an Arabesque drawing is very original and interesting. Multitude of finishes. Retro Motor shooters remember past times like the Big Valvle, Garage Car, Garage Pick up, red hat,… The retro Nautic collection will always be in fashion. For whites and blues, beach apartments or houses near the sea. Ideal for all ages.
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